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Life Coachingovercome your obstacles and live the life your heart longs for...

Sarga Bodywork- deep release from patterns of holding that keep you bound up...

Massage therapy-  therapeutic massage, neuromuscular therapy, relaxation, and more...

All in-person therapies offered in Erie, Boulder, and Crestone.  Life coaching offered in person, or on phone or zoom.

Coming soon: Cottonwood Creek Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado.  Offering nature and meditation retreats for individuals and small groups. Meditation retreats have the option of bodywork sessions to support your practice.   


Heather L. Neher, B.S., L.M.T.  Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) 

Colorado State Massage Therapist Registration #MT-8313

For inquires:

call or text:  303-579-5642  

or email: 


As a life coach, my intention is to assist you in finding greater genuine peace and joy as well as increasing the capacities of your authentic higher self, thus allowing itself to express naturally in and through you. There is a deeper calling that is always showing up for you and your unique human journey.  This calling or longing often arises as an invitation in the form of disturbance, such as difficult relationships, health challenges, addictive behaviors, a sense of stuck-ness, dissatisfaction, loneliness, chronic anxiety... it has endless expressions. You may find yourself in the grip of undigested grief, anger, or shame, that arises, with or without a story attached.   And you may realize that you must now allow these repressed emotions to be held and felt in order for you to to reclaim, and remember, your basic goodness.

On the other hand, sometimes this invitation arises as a kind of epiphany, a realization that it is time for you to take some risks in order to honor some part of your longing to be seen and expressed.  Perhaps creativity knocking at the door can no longer be ignored.  Or, maybe you find that you are exhausted by endless variations of self-improvement projects, and you are at a loss to find a path that feels authentic and meaningful to you. Maybe cynicism or depression are rearing their heads, but you know under that, your deeper hearts truth is making a request.  

Your present direct experiencing of your body and heart and mind are the true guides on a coaching journey.  A life coach holds space for this natural life energy so that you can see it and yourself more clearly.  I work with you to clarify values, to gain more self knowledge, assist with accountability, look at habits, commitments, and priorities, challenge your out-dated interpretations, and educate about, and engage with, neuro-sculpting.  The coach/coach-ee relationship is a profound engagement of seeing clearly, and taking actions towards personal growth on behalf of the coach-ee's higher self.  It is a training in, in Buddhist terms, right view. Becoming more aware of what you think, why you think the ways you do, and learning to know if your thoughts are true, false, confused, helpful, unhelpful, practical, or compulsive.  With various practices you will see yourself arriving at the truth of your own freedom.

If it is bodywork you are seeking, I simply rest into the practice of presence as well as my history of various somatic studies, with the intention of helping to bring relief, rest, and openness to the space of your body. Whether you are seeking a life coaching relationship or bodywork sessions, I aim to see and trust the unique expression and sacredness of your body, mind, and heart.  I aspire toward clear and effective communicating and creating a safe space.   


"When you realize that all of these so-called negative states of mind are actually potent avenues of transformation... and then you realize that, the way in which we all avoid these, .... it's truly heartbreaking."  Reggie Ray

"With greater conscious participation in awareness comes a greater ability to reduce unnecessary suffering and to increase our experience of freedom."   Bruce Tift

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