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Life Coaching

Life coaching is typically done over 3 to 6 month time windows.  However those who have worked with a coach, me or another life coach in their past often make drop-in style appointments to ground, boost, clarify, or re-inspire.  My training, and then certification process, with Co-Active Training Institute started in 2016. CTI info here 

I consider my coaching to be primarily inspired and informed by Buddhist view of which I was happy to find that the philosophy of the Co-Active Training Institute to be completely consistent with. If I have niches, they are relationships and health.  But really these are representative categories, and ultimately life coaching is about transformation. Sessions will be done over the phone, or zoom, or in person.  


Life Coaching rates:    3 month package: $180/month.  (for 3, 30 minute sessions, or 2, 50 minute sessions a month) 

Recommended is to start with a discovery session: $95 (for one 75 minute session)  

Drop-in (aka free-standing) sessions: $90 (one 60 minute session)                                 

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